ACL Repair Patient Testimonial Video Transcription

My name’s Anthony. I’m from Washington, Pennsylvania. About a year ago, I tore my ACL. I fell on black ice and my foot got caught in between my door jam and the wheel of my truck so it kind of just snapped. And I still get up and go to work that day. It was pretty awful. I got to go see my doctor and schedule an MRI, and luckily, I got an MRI the next day to find out that I actually had a torn ACL. It took like three months to find out that. I was like, “Oh, great. Now what?”

My previous surgery on my right knee was with my patella tendon on my knee cap and it was easily four to six months before I could actually go back to work, play sports, and things like that. So I was trying to find something that I was back faster, better, and just as strong as using your own ligament. I found Dr. Noy. I did some research online. I was trying to find experimental surgeries because I didn’t want the long recovery time.

I watched his video and it was just like, oh, I’m sold. Like when he said he uses the Achilles tendon, I hadn’t even thought about that, no one talks about it. And then I came in here, talked to him, and just the way he presented himself. And when it came to post-op surgeries, people falling same day because you have your block in your knee and it still didn’t re-tear, I’m like, that’s amazing. I think a lot of people are skeptical of cadavers because they get worried, “Oh, it’s from somebody else. You might get somebody else’s disease.” Like, no. These things are frozen, scraped, you know, and literally within, he says, nine months, your molecules turn into your own ligament. It’ll turn into yours.

After my surgery, I was walking with no crutches in three days. I started going back. Two weeks after the surgery, I was back to my gym lifting upper body again and people are like, “How are you walking around?” Because there’s plenty of people there. There’s, like, high school kids with their darn joint ACL knee braces on walking around like, “Did you have an ACL surgery?” I’m like, “Yeah.” They’re like, “What? Where’s your brace?” I’m like, “I don’t need it.”

When he said you could be back to work in a week, like a desk job, I was like, there’s no way. And after two weeks, I was literally like completely fine to go back to work. My knee doesn’t even swell up anymore, like I’ll be icing all the time, this one I can ice once a day, if I even have to. It’s just so different, like just the fact that I can do and exercise so fast and be back to work. Like, that’s the scary part. When you have to take four to six months off work, you can lose your house, cars. Worker’s comp is not that much money neither is disability. It’s being able to get back fast is priority these days.

They do call him the ACL master. More people need to know about him because it’s awesome. You can’t beat that. This is amazing.