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Aminovo (Biologics) Soft Tissue Injection

aminovo injection therapyWhat is Aminovo?

Aminovo is an in office biologics treatment done through injection. The foundation of Aminovo is a human amniotic membrane/tissue. This is similar to what is commonly known as cord blood. The amniotic membrane is only harvested from a donation made from a mother giving birth. The medical applications of amniotic membranes has over a 100 year history. Allographs with amniotic membranes has been used for soft tissue repair in numerous medical specialties. Only recently has Amniovo pioneered the using of amniotic membranes in a powder form so surgeons can deliver the benefits the tissue with a simple and effective procedure.

How does the Aminovo procedure work?

Aminovo takes the amniotic membrane/tissue and turns into into a more stable powder form which can be easily stored in our office. With having the ability to store the powder at room temperature it makes it much easier, and safer to store and keep in a stable usable form. Right before we plan on using the Aminovo powder,it is reconstituted with lidocaine and marcaine, local anesthetics,, that gives pain relief for an extended period of time.


Once reconstituted the liquid is drawn into a syringe and injected in the treatment area. The amniotic membrane acts as a human growth factor, which is capable of stimulating cellular migration, cellular growth, cellular duplication and cellular differentiation.

aminovo soft tissue joint treatment

What does Aminovo help treat?

Amniovo treatment helps repair soft tissue injuries. It is similar to the popular therapy, PRP, but traditionally is more effective and causes less post inflammation response. It can treat tendon or soft tissue injuries. If therapy based treatments such as PT or bracing has not proven effective this is an alternative option prior to surgical intervention.

If you have tried or are looking to avoid often inflammatory injection such as steroid based ones, Amniovo is a perfect alternative.

Trauma or overuse can cause soft tissue damage or micro tear which can become inflamed. Scar tissue can begin to develop is the soft tissue is severe enough and left untreated. In less severe instances conservative topical creams and rest can help repair the injuries. When that is not providing relief we often recommend Aminovo therapy as the next viable option.

Is Aminovo safe and how is it collected?

Aminovo is extremely safe and has been treating injuries for over 100 years. Endless amounts of medical publications have been centered around the use of amniotic membranes with several evaluating uses such as:

  • Reducing inflammation
  • Reducing scar tissue formation
  • Enhancing micro tears in soft tissue

At Prestige Orthopedics and Sports Medicine we exhaust all options and efforts before suggesting surgical repair. Contact our office today to set up your consultation to see if Amniovo (Biologics) soft tissue treatment is going to help on the way back from pain.

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