30 is the New 50……..When It Comes to Joint Concerns
by Dr. Ron Noy* of Prestige Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine, NY

Starting a few years ago, I started noticing an alarming trend. Patients were coming into my office, complaining of the usual joint concerns – nothing new there, right? However, these patients were Gen-X-ers, not Baby Boomers! A new survey by Wakefield Research and Osteo Bi-Flex confirmed my suspicions. The survey found that 66 percent of Americans in their 30’s experience occasional joint stiffness and other concerns which was essentially the same percentage of patients in their 50’s! This confirmed what I was seeing in my office. There was no history of trauma, nothing on an X-ray or MRI scan, and certainly nothing that indicated surgery was necessary. But these 30-something individuals all essentially complained of joint issues which were keeping them from enjoying some aspect of life. Many come in July through October, often training for their first NYC Marathon. They tell me that they are running for a cause, or a charity, and are concerned that they cannot keep up with the training program they are following. They are worried about letting someone down, as they made a commitment. The Osteo Bi-Flex Joint Care Survey showed that 52 percent of runners, not just those training for a marathon, frequently had to cut short a run because of joint issues. This group didn’t seem to recognize how important their joints are when it comes to running and working out, ranking their sneakers much higher when asked to rank importance of work out equipment. Forty percent of the patients felt they simply could power through the issue, but that is not the case. That’s why they find their way to my office. They need to be proactive about defending their joints.
Our joints are what keep us moving. Changes in the joints due to overuse may limit motion and make the joints feel unstable, as well as causing weakness in the surrounding muscles. As a solution, many doctors simply tell their patients to give up. Stop running. Do something else! But that is not the way it should be. The goal should be to keep patients healthy enough so they can continue to enjoy the activities that make their lives worthwhile.
So what can we do?
The key is to get into a daily routine earlier in life, to promote healthy joints so they can take the pounding of whatever life brings them. This is not only true for runners, extreme athletes or even weekend warriors, but for what I like to call everyday warriors! The first time mother in her 40’s who has been working at a desk job the last 20 years, now finding that she needs to bend down to pick up her baby. All the time! The mailman who is finding it more and more difficult to walk his route. The plumber who suddenly finds it difficult to bend down and crawl under the sink. And, joint issues can even inhibit your sex life. The study even showed that 12 percent of people claim they can’t fully enjoy sex due to their joints. A daily routine to promote joint health is needed, and needed earlier than ever.
The first step to establishing a daily routine is a balanced exercise program. This does not mean cut out all impact activities, but balance impact with non-impact exercises. Strengthen the muscles properly so they can support the joint. See a professional trainer if you don’t have the right experience to do this on your own to help prevent injuries and maximize the time spent in the gym. Secondly, make sure you are eating right. Talk to a nutritionist or your doctor for advice. Also, take a daily supplement that can support joint health.
Osteo Bi-Flex, the leader in branded joint care supplements, recently introduced a product that may be part of the solution. It is called Osteo Bi-Flex edge, and it is a great option for the younger generation to help keep joints feeling healthy and strong.** The product contains Joint Shield, which includes the exclusive ingredient 5-LOXIN Advanced, which can help with occasional joint flare ups. ** Double blind studies have shown that the plant extract that makes up this ingredient works. Osteo Bi-Flex edge also contains glucosamine to nourish your joints and help promote comfortable joint movement. ** In addition, there are two versions of edge, one for muscle health and one for energy support. The muscle version also has CoQ-10, which is naturally produced in the body, where its normal role is to support energy production within the muscles. While the energy one has multiple vitamin B ingredients, which support energy metabolism by helping your body convert food to energy .**
Remember to always consult your doctor before starting or changing an exercise program, diet or supplements. You want to make sure it is a safe and appropriate choice for you. You are special and unique, so don’t just follow a cook book made for the average person and assume you are doing the best you can for yourself.
To learn more about the product, and to pick up some training tips, you can go to www.osteobiflexedge.com, or email me with questions at Noy@PrestigeSportsMedicine.com.

The time is now to get pro-active for your joint health. It is never too late – or too early – to start thinking about this and doing something to keep you doing the activities you love the rest of your life. Remember, every year they tell us that we are going to live longer and longer. Let’ make 50 the new 30! Join me today!

*Dr. Ron Noy, MD is a paid endorser for Osteo Bi-Flex®.
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5-LOXIN® Advanced is a trademark of PL Thomas – Laila Nutra, LLC. U.S. Patent #8,551,496 and patents pending.