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Arthroscopic Partial Meniscectomy Testimonial

Arthroscopic Partial Meniscectomy Video Transcription This is a patient experience who had an Arthroscopic Partial Meniscectomy. She is a runner and was having some clicking pain in my right knee. This is his story of how Dr. Ron Noy helped her get back to...

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Tenex Surgery and Stem Cell Injection Testimonial

Tenex Surgery and Stem Cell Injection Video Transcription I'm Lenny Ferrara, I live in Queens. I had a couple of injuries with my knees and my elbow and I used to run a lot, I used to lift weights and do boxing training, all kinds of physical exercises. So...

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Meniscectomy Surgery Testimonial

Meniscectomy Surgery Video Transcription My name is Jim Giangrasso, I'm 55-year-old. I had a meniscectomy. I have been running for about 10 or 12 years recreationally. I have also been cycling. I have always had knee pain and, you know, I've sort of...

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Tenex Surgery Testimonial

Tenex Surgery Video Transcription My name is Vera Pascal. I have a very active lifestyle. I had tennis elbow, I had a pretty bad case of it, so I've done a few injections, cortisone injections. It made me feel good first. But, they were often a few months...

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ACL Surgery Testimonial

ACL Surgery Video Transcription My name is Massimo. I got injured about nine months ago playing basketball. And actually, I have a history here because I got the same on my right knee 12 years ago. So after the injury, obviously, I immediately understood...

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Robotic Partial Knee Replacement Testimonial

Robotic Partial Knee Replacement Video Transcription My name is Georgina and I live in Long Island New York City. I was experiencing arthritis for six years, mild, only one knee, and after three years, for two years lately, I had both knees with a big...

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Partial Knee Replacement Patient Review

Partial Knee Replacement Patient Video Transcription My name is Paul. I lived in New York City my whole life, lived in Queens, retired New York City fireman. I had, over my years of my career, I had a couple of knee surgeries, and over the time, my...

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ACL Repair Patient Testimonial

ACL Repair Patient Testimonial Video Transcription My name's Anthony. I'm from Washington, Pennsylvania. About a year ago, I tore my ACL. I fell on black ice and my foot got caught in between my door jam and the wheel of my truck so it kind of just...

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Torn Meniscus Repair Patient Testimonial

Torn Meniscus Surgery Patient Testimonial Video Transcription My name is Aminata D., and I'm originally from Senegal. I start having pain probably a year and a half or two years ago on my knee. I did some physical therapy then, and it did go okay for maybe...

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Hip Tendonitis Patient Testimonial

Hip Tendonitis Patient Testimonial Video Transcription I'm Peter. I grew up in Marblehead, Massachusetts, and I live on the east side of New York now. The problem that I had developed over a year or two, and it was in my hip, my left hip. It was kind of...

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