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Patient Testimonial: Full and Partial Knee Replacement

Full and Partial Knee Testimonial Transcription: Joe: My name is Joe. I'm a patient of Dr. Buechel. I'm five weeks post-surgery from a full and partial knee replacement on the same day. Yesterday was a pretty bad day in the city with the weather. I ended...

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Dr Frederick Buechel Makoplasty Testimonial Followup

After having his first robotic partial knee replacement with Dr Frederick Beuchel this patient sought him out for the second. He was happy and excited to provide a patient testimonial that you can view here. Even after the video our office stayed in touch...

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Partial Knee Replacement (Makoplasty) Patient Testimonial

Makoplasty Patient Testimonial My name is Dr. Jim Vana I'm in North Port Florida  I am a chiropractor. I would play tennis about 3 hours in the morning. When I was playing tennis my knee would hurt. Then I would wait for 2 days till the pain went away and then the...

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Technique to Repair Radial Meniscus Tear

Transcription for Repair of Radial Meniscus Tear Video There are many different kinds of meniscus tears. One of the most challenging is the radial tear. It's most commonly in the mid one-third body of the lateral meniscus, and you can see that in this structure right...

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Robotic Partial Knee Replacement Video

MAKOplasty® Animation - MAKOplasty® Partial Knee Resurfacing is an innovative procedure designed to provide quicker recovery and improved surgical outcomes for patients with joint degeneration in one or multiple parts of the knee. By selectively targeting the portion...

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Dr. Ron Noy on John Stossel : Free Market HealthCare

Transcription of Dr. Noy Noy speaking about free market healthcare on The Stossel Report Interviewer: I've reported on American health care for decades, but now it's more personal. Several weeks ago a surgeon at that hospital cut a small malignant tumor out of my...

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Dr. Ron Noy on ABC: ACL Tears

Male Anchor: They seem to be watching this game. All of this soccer mania has made the sport even more popular among young girls in our area. But with the popularity comes increased chances for knee and leg injuries. Female Anchor: Dr. Subda Parek [SP] is here now...

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Dr. Ron Noy on Fox News: Exercise Study

Interviewer: ...studies showing rapid weight loss, or so-called starvation diets, may work for some people. Researchers put 15 healthy but overweight men through an intense four-day program, drastically cutting their calories while increasing their exercises. The men...

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Dr. Ron Noy Video Profile

Doctor Ron Noy is a board certified orthopaedic surgeon with Prestige Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine in New York, New York. Doctor Noy graduated from New Jersey Medical School and is a fellow of the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons. Once a high level athlete,...

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Dr. Ron Noy on Fox News: Meniscus Tears

Journalist: A new study finding the most common orthopedic procedure performed in the United States may not be necessary. Every year around 700,000 people have knee surgery to repair something called a torn meniscus, that is a rubbery disk that cushions the knee. So,...

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