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Knees Shoulders and Hips

Dr. Ron Noy is one of the most highly regarded orthopaedic surgeons and sports medicine specialists in the country! Over the years he has taken care of numerous professional athletes and is currently the PGA Tour doctor! Dr. Noy joins us to talk about how to enjoy an...

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Dr. Ron Noy on ACL Surgery

Christopher: Stations, here is your suggested lead. From the latest technology used to repair broken bones or designing safe playgrounds for children, orthopedic surgeons have come together in the world's largest orthopedic meeting in Chicago. Here, they will share...

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Dr. Ron Noy on Ion TV

Interviewer: Today I'm in Midtown Manhattan at Prestige Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine. With me is Dr. Ron Noy. Hi doctor, how are you? Dr. Ron Noy: Excellent. Interviewer: So you used to play basketball. How did you use your experience as a former athlete in your...

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Dr. Ron Noy on Fox News: Anterior Cruciate Ligament Tears

Jenna: Well, right now, a medical breakthrough, apparently, doctors discovering a brand new body part, a brand new knee ligament that no one knew that we had. And some are suggesting that this may help improve future knee surgeries, which could be better for...

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Meet Dr. Ron Noy

Our goal is a safe, effective recovery with unrivaled care. That is the prestige sports mission. 

partial knee replacement surgeon dr. fred buechel

Meet Dr. Frederick Buechel

As the specialist in robotic partial knee surgery, my goal is getting you back to the life you want.