Torn Meniscus Surgery Patient Testimonial Video Transcription

My name is Aminata D., and I’m originally from Senegal.

I start having pain probably a year and a half or two years ago on my knee. I did some physical therapy then, and it did go okay for maybe one year, and I got the same symptom again. So, and I went for another appointment with the orthopedics, and they told me that I have a meniscus tear and minor arthritis in my kneecap. And, I did some injection, but the sore came back after two weeks. So, and the doctor was telling me to have a knee replacement, but I’m too young for a knee replacement. Maybe in the future, I will have a knee replacement.

So, I ask around, and they told me about Dr. Noy. He was only one who explained to me what was my symptom that I really understood, you know. And he told me that I didn’t need a knee replacement, which I wanted to hear. So, he explained to me what he was gonna do, and also I saw a great, great, great review from him. I had a knee arthroscopy. I mean, I was very nervous about the surgery because this is my knee and I don’t wanna be walking on crutches or being on the wheelchair. That was my… Or getting old and being on the wheelchair. That’s my nightmare.

You know, the personal assistant was very nice. She told me not to be nervous, “It’s not gonna be a big cut, just a small two-inch incision,” which is true. You hardly see it on my knee. Because I was scared to have a scar on my knee, but they made me feel very confident to go through it.

The first few days was a little bit not, like, overbearing that I, you know, but little pain here and there, but they give you some painkillers. After one week…even before less than one week, I was walking by myself, not with the cane. So, and now it’s been two weeks I’m walking almost perfectly.

I would say that, you know, that I am very happy with the result and also how I interact with Dr. Noy and the personnel. They were very helpful and also caring even after the surgery, calling to see how I was doing and all of those things, which is really good. Definitely, I would recommend Dr. Noy to anyone who has a knee problem or orthopedics problem, because he is the best. Seriously.