After having his first robotic partial knee replacement with Dr Frederick Beuchel this patient sought him out for the second. He was happy and excited to provide a patient testimonial that you can view here. Even after the video our office stayed in touch and followed up with the patient only to have him happily send another written review further explaining his happiness. 


My name is Dr. James Vana, I was a practicing chiropractic in Illinois for 36 years. As a Chiropractor, I know the importance of an active balanced body. This is why Makoplasty knee is the lease invasive knee surgery that will regain the balance to the knee and therefore the body. About 5 years ago my knees started to cause me pain after sporting activities (racquetball, softball, football, track-pole vault, high hurdles, tennis, basketball, pickle ball, bocce ball) which, I knew was a contributing factor in my advancing pain. I took x-rays of my knees and found that the inside of both knees were degenerating and the joint space was very narrow (osteoarthritis). I knew that being active is one of the keys for a long active healthy life so I was very concerned.

My activity got to a point where it was aggravating my knee pain into 2-3 days of recovery time before I could be active again, then the pain swelling cycle started all over again. I retired to Florida and continued the sport/pain cycle until it reached a point that I was not recovered after activity and kept playing with continuous pain. I did a lot of research for options for my knees. I talked with my orthopedic friends and we tried unloading knee supports, steroid injections, and synvist lubricating shots with little or no relief.

At that point I consulted an orthopedic doctor in Florida and he said I needed a full knee replacement. He said I absolutely could not have a partial knee. I knew the inside of my knees were the main problem area and the outside of the knees had a good joint space. I decided at that point I was not going to undergo a total knee replacement. A total knee replacement removes the ligament on the inside of the knee and I knew I did not want that because of my active lifestyle.

I consulted another orthopedist who recommended a makoplasty robotic surgery. When I asked him if he would do the outside side of the joint with robotic mako, if it wore out, he said no, because he has no experience in the lateral portion of the knee. He recommended Dr. Buechel who is an instructor of makosurgery, a world renowned expert and has done more procedures than anyone in the world. I consulted Dr. Buechel and scheduled my right knee two weeks later.

The surgery was easy and painless. Two weeks after the surgery I was hitting golf balls and four weeks later I was playing tennis. Since that time I have recommended Dr. Buechel to my friends or anyone who was having knee pain. One friend had knees that were so bad that Dr. Buechel honestly advised him that he could not do makoplasty surgery. He was forced to have a full replacement on both knees and it took him 2 years before he could play tennis again. Another friend had a full knee replacement 5 years ago and was scheduled for a second full knee. I convinced him to see Dr. Buechel and he had a partial makoplasty on that knee. Now every time I see him he thanks me for referring him to Dr. Buechel. It took him only 6 weeks of recovery time, compared to 6 months with the full knee replacement.

Recently I traveled to New York City, to have robotic makoplastic to repair my degenerating left knee. I’m even more impressed with Dr. Buechel’s skills, compassion and friendliness. Things are going great with my recovery. My wife and I walked to a restaurant the morning after surgery without crutches, cane, or pain. So needless to say, I will continue to recommend Dr. Fred Buechel to my friends. I am looking forward to seeing the advancements he makes in robotic minimally-invasive, outpatient, Robotic-Arm Assisted Partial Knee Arthroplasty in the future.


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