Arthroscopic Partial Meniscectomy Video Transcription

This is a patient experience who had an Arthroscopic Partial Meniscectomy.

She is a runner and was having some clicking pain in my right knee. This is his story of how Dr. Ron Noy helped her get back to running like she always had.


Below is the transcript of the Arthroscopic Partial Meniscectomy Testimonial:

So my name is Marielena Racine. I’m from the Bronx.

I am a runner and I was having some clicking pain in my right knee. And actually I was not running at the time of my injury. I actually bent down to pick up my nephew and my knee just locked. So I went in to see Dr. Noy.

He did take an x-ray right in his office which was extremely helpful. He was able you know to look at my knee right away. He told me that I had to then go for an MRI which I did the following Monday. I went back to Dr. Noy’s office the following I think it was Tuesday or Wednesday and we discussed my options which was to have surgery on my right knee. I had a partial torn meniscus. So of course that was my first question to Dr. Noy was can I ever run again? And he said that’s why you’re here. He said that I will be back to you know my running. It will have no effect that I can still continue to run. I had told Dr. Noy that I was going away in like less than three weeks. He assured me that I would be fine you know after the surgery and I would be able to enjoy my trip to Croatia.

So I had my meniscectomy on June 29th, I was home for one week working from home with my leg up. Using the ice machine that, that was given to me. I had absolutely no pain, I had no swelling, I didn’t even have to take the prescribed medication that Dr. Noy gave me. All I took was Tylenol and Aleve. And then the following Monday I was back in Dr. Noy’s office for my follow up and I was perfectly fine. And now I’m doing physical therapy twice a week and I see a huge difference already. I felt fine, I thought something was wrong actually when Tom called me to follow up with me the day after the surgery. I said to him you know I’m okay, I have no pain. I said is that normal? He assured me that it was absolutely normal. I honestly would not recommend anyone else. They are, the office is so efficient, everyone in there cares and they just know what they’re doing and it makes it so much easier for, for the patient I think. So I had an amazing experience. No complaints.