Interviewer: Today I’m in Midtown Manhattan at Prestige Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine. With me is Dr. Ron Noy. Hi doctor, how are you?

Dr. Ron Noy: Excellent.

Interviewer: So you used to play basketball. How did you use your experience as a former athlete in your sports medicine today?

Dr. Ron Noy: I was a point guard at Johns Hopkins, and after I graduated I had aspirations of making it to the NBA and I blew out my knee. I tore my ACL. That ended my career. Back then, it was career ending. I felt like it shouldn’t have been. I felt like I wanted to go into a field where I can help people not end their dreams because of some injury. Because of that, I actually went into specializing in ACL surgery in the knee, meniscus, in the shoulder, labrum and rotator cuff.

Interviewer: Doctor, walk me through a consult with a first-time patient.

Dr. Ron Noy: I mean, the first thing is, we take a very detailed history and, of course, we do a physical examination. If they need an x-ray, we have an instant x-ray machine. This is actually my knee, so we don’t use metal screws anymore. And then, if they need it, we have an MRI scan in the next room.

Interviewer: And what would you say sets you apart from other orthopaedic surgeons?

Dr. Ron Noy: Well, because I’ve had surgery and I’ve been on the other side of the table, I really understand how it impacts somebody’s life, and therefore, I’ve also spent a lot of time teaching them what they can do the first week. Most of our patients don’t take narcotics after surgery because I can teach them how to avoid it, which really helps them recover quicker because they’re not groggy from the medicine. We also use those experiences and techniques to get people back to work faster, to get people back to sports faster.

Interviewer: Are your surgeries covered by insurance?

Dr. Ron Noy: Most of the patients that come to see me for my expertise have the kind of insurance that will cover their surgeries. I have a white-glove service of staff that will actually make the phone calls and check the benefits before they come in. It depends on the plan, not the actual insurance company. If somebody doesn’t have the kind of insurance that will cover their surgery, for me, we actually have affordable payment plans so that everybody can get the kind of care they deserve.

Interviewer: And if we want to find out more about Prestige Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine, where do we go?

Dr. Ron Noy: We have a great website. It’s, all one word. It talks about the four operations that we do, why we do them differently, how they’re different, how they get people better without pain medicines most of the time, how they get better quicker to work and to sports, and you can get a lot of information on that website.