Hip Tendonitis Patient Testimonial Video Transcription

I’m Peter. I grew up in Marblehead, Massachusetts, and I live on the east side of New York now. The problem that I had developed over a year or two, and it was in my hip, my left hip. It was kind of pain which only happened after I walked for a little while, so I didn’t sit around with excruciating pain, but when I was out walking 5 to 10 minutes, it started to get to hurt badly. And I finally went to Dr. Noy because I’ve gone to him for about 20 years on various matters, and we did an MRI, and it was clear that there was some damage in the hip but not something that demanded a hip replacement. It had to do more with the muscles and the tone of the ligament, and he said to me, “I think Tenex is what you should have.” It’s kind of a minimally invasive technique. The operation takes about 40 minutes, local anesthesia, and we basically removed some of the damaged tissue. He said, “We often use it for people with tennis elbow, but it’s worked pretty well with people who have this kind of hip issue that you do.”

Since I’ve gone to Dr. Noy for so long, I have great trust in him. He’s a real wizard, and I decided I would go with it. Am I perfect? No. There’s still some tension in there, some tenderness, but I don’t…I can walk quite a distance now without the kind of really bad pain that I had. And, it was really an easy operation to both have and to get over. It took me about…he said it was gonna take six weeks. Took maybe three weeks to really pull myself back, because I love to exercise, and I had to reduce the exercise a little bit during the first three weeks. But I’m really happy I did it.

Prior to the operation, they put in a local anesthesia, which allowed me to be awake during the procedure, which I wanted to be. And they even wanted to give me something to calm me down, I didn’t really need that. The procedure itself, I knew he was doing something, but I couldn’t feel any of it, and he pretty much told me what was going on as it happened. And, again, 40 minutes was about what it took, and I walked out of there. He gave me a cane, but I really didn’t need that. I certainly didn’t use it the next day. I iced it for about two weeks. I put ice on maybe four or five times a day to reduce the swelling. He gave me a narcotic of some sort. I didn’t take it. I didn’t need to take it. I didn’t have any pain that resulted from the operation itself, and I think that’s important for people to know, that you’re not gonna feel a lot of pain afterwards. The next day I went to a movie.

The major limitation for me, because I’m an athlete, I work out almost every day, ran the Boston Marathon a few years ago, it limited my workouts for about three or four weeks. That’s a small price to pay. Over probably 20 years, my wife and my 2 daughters and I have gone to Dr. Noy, and I just have to say that he thinks outside the box, he is as skilled as any surgeon, and he often comes up with unique ways of dealing with people’s problems, things that other surgeons and doctors would not think of. I have great confidence in him. If you have a pain, and you’ve gone to Dr. Noy, and he tells you to do Tenex, go do it.