Dr. Ron Noy is one of the most highly regarded orthopaedic surgeons and sports medicine specialists in the country! Over the years he has taken care of numerous professional athletes and is currently the PGA Tour doctor! Dr. Noy joins us to talk about how to enjoy an active lifestyle during the summer without damaging your joints!

Interviewer: Baby boomers aren’t the only ones dealing with joint discomfort and ailments. Younger adults are in the same boat, a new survey reflects that. Here to explain why, orthopedic surgeon and sports medicine specialist, Dr. Ron Noy. Good morning, doctor.

Dr. Noy: Good morning.

Interviewer: Exactly what did this new survey find?

Dr. Noy: Well, it’s actually very surprising. It showed that 67% of Americans in their 30s actually complained of the same joint discomfort that people in their 50s did at about the same percentage. It’s like 30 is the new 50 when it comes to joint discomfort.

Interviewer: What are the concerns then for younger people who experience joint issues? Time might be one issue, what should they do about it?

Dr. Noy: Well, if they are experiencing joint discomfort earlier, the concern is that they may develop arthritis earlier in life as well. And as we are living longer, that could be a problem just enjoying regular daily activities, and really having a healthy, active lifestyle. So one of the things that I’m recommending to my patients is they get started early with the daily routine, get into a good exercise program where they are strengthening the muscles around their joints. Take a supplement that protects the joint like Osteo Bi-Flex Edge, which has joint shield in it, which can actually help with these inflammation episodes. And check with their doctor before starting to make sure that you are healthy to start doing this exercise program and taking supplements.

Interviewer: I see a bucket of range balls there next to you. I had a few of those a couple of nights back and I’m still feeling it. And I know you’ve done some work with some of the PGA tour players in tennis. I mean, all of these activities that we enjoy, how can that stuff affect joint stiffness?

Dr. Noy: Well, joint stiffness occurs when you have inflammation. So whether you are doing a repetitive sport like golf or tennis or you are running a marathon or a Tough Mudder, you are stressing the joints. So you really want to try to protect it ahead of time so that you don’t have the response that you normally would have if you didn’t protect it ahead of time. So that’s why we really want to get in this kind of daily routine so that we can enjoy life as we get older.

Interviewer: I mean, do you every recommend to people to cut some of that stuff out if the discomfort is great enough? I have heard that sort of that’s a mistake, especially in some cases with arthritis where it hurts so bad but doctor said keep moving.

Dr. Noy: Yeah. I mean, my whole practice is based on keeping people moving and enjoying the activities they do. So you’re never going to hear me saying to somebody, “You can’t do this.” Because when I was younger I actually had two knee surgeries, and when I came out of my first…my second knee surgery actually, the doctor said, “You should quit basketball and never play again.” And I basically was like, “Look, I came here for you to help me keep playing basketball.” So I have a different attitude, I think, when it comes to my patients, which is why they really love me.

Interviewer: You’ve mentioned taking a product like Edge. At what point should we see a doctor? Is there a clear definition there?

Dr. Noy: Well, first you should see the doctor to make sure that you are okay to start these kind of programs. But let’s say you are doing everything right and you are still having more and more joint discomfort, maybe there is something in there that may need to be addressed. So that’s when you should really go to see the doctor.

Interviewer: And what about a website where you would send our viewed to learn more?

Dr. Noy: Well, you can go osteobiflexedge.com. There is product information there, as well as training tips.

Interviewer: All right, Dr. Noy, thank you for your time today. We appreciate it.

Dr. Noy: Thank you for having me.

Interviewer: And a great day for golf in Omaha. Mike, over to you.