Meniscectomy Surgery Video Transcription

My name is Jim Giangrasso, I’m 55-year-old. I had a meniscectomy. I have been running for about 10 or 12 years recreationally. I have also been cycling. I have always had knee pain and, you know, I’ve sort of ignored it and dealt with it in other ways. This year when I started to train for triathlon season for this summer, I just knew I wasn’t gonna be able to get through the training it just had become too painful.

So, it was sort of a gradual buildup over probably a decade. So, I had googled best knee doctor in New York City. After looking at probably about five different doctors, I thought Dr. Noy just looked very impressive. It seemed he have a very impressive list of clientele, a lot of professional athletes and even though I’m a recreational athlete, I knew that he would be able to handle me. Right off the bat, I knew I was in the right place. They are extremely welcoming. Made me feel at home. It didn’t make me feel like I needed to be a professional athlete to be there even though I knew Dr. Noy had a great reputation.

You know, originally I went in for just a cleanup of the meniscus and when Dr. Noy was in there, he saw a few other things he wanted to take care of and he just did it on the fly. As luck would have it, I actually hit the…won the lottery for the New York City Marathon this November. I had told Dr. Noy going into the surgery that here’s my goal, I’d love to have, you know, knee surgery and run a marathon in the same year. I thought he was gonna laugh at me, but he actually shrugged it off and said, “Well I’m glad you told me that and I think that’s, you know, totally doable.” But it was actually quite relaxed, you know, I had the surgery at his surgical center which is incredibly clean, first off…right off the bat, cleaner than any hospital I think.

There’s a nursing staff that takes care of you all the way up to the surgery and, you know, who does all the pre-surgery work. Surgery was on a Friday. He said by Tuesday you’re gonna wonder why I asked you to stay home all week, and he was right. So, I think by Tuesday or Wednesday, I felt pretty good. It was nice to not have had to take any painkillers. The second weekend after the surgery I was up and around and went to the mall with my wife and felt pretty good walking.

A lot of times in medical care you don’t get a good feeling in terms of client service these days, but that’s totally the opposite with Dr. Noy’s office. I think that’s the thing that really would lead me to recommend him to anyone. I’m planning on doing a 20-week marathon training and if I do it I’m gonna definitely send Dr. Noy a picture of me crossing the finish line.