Makoplasty Patient Testimonial

My name is Dr. Jim Vana I’m in North Port Florida  I am a chiropractor. I would play tennis about 3 hours in the morning. When I was playing tennis my knee would hurt. Then I would wait for 2 days till the pain went away and then the pain was gone and then I would play tennis and I would wait for 2 days. The first doctor I saw in Florida said you can’t have a partial knee you have to have a full knee and I knew I didn’t want to have that and I knew I didn’t need that and so I asked several doctors and they said Dr. Buechel down in Naples Florida was the best.

Dr Buechel is a world-renowned expert, he is one of the pioneers of makoplasty. Which is the partial knees, with the partial knee you are only doing one side of the knee. You don’t have to take the entire parts of the knee out. I wanted to keep my ligaments intact and keep my knee stable. And being able to do the sports that I like to do. I had the right knee about three years ago and the left one was about two days ago.

I walked out of the surgical center and my wife and I the next morning walked about a block down to have breakfast without any crutches, without any canes. They have a good pain management program that they use. Which is basically over the counter medication, using ice, using some vitamins. Within several days you’re walking around and they want you to be active but not too active because you have to allow some healing time on these surgeries. As a result, I was playing golf in 2 weeks and a little bit of tennis, hitting tennis balls in about 4 weeks. So I am very impressed with the procedure and Dr. Buechel.

I have recommended him to numerous people. One of my friends down in Florida, he had a full knee took him about 6 months to recover from that. He was getting ready to do his full knee on his other knee and I talked to him to seeing Dr. Buechel. He went down and saw Dr. Buechel and every time I see him on the golf course he tells me how happy he was for doing the makoplasty, the partial knee. Because he recovered within a month or 6 weeks.

As I got to know Dr. Buechel, I did a lot of research on his ability. He has a phenomenal protocol that he uses in his surgical procedures which probably makes him one the best, in my opinion, the best in the world.

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