Tenex Surgery and Stem Cell Injection Video Transcription

I’m Lenny Ferrara, I live in Queens. I had a couple of injuries with my knees and my elbow and I used to run a lot, I used to lift weights and do boxing training, all kinds of physical exercises. So basically with my knees, I had a meniscus missing cartilage and I believe arthritis as well. The arthritis on the left knee was more severe than the one on the right knee so when I saw my first doctor, I saw an orthopedic in Astoria, he had mentioned that I needed a partial knee replacement on one knee. I’m like, “No way. I’m 48 years old. I don’t want a knee repair. I think I’m too young for that.” Someone that I worked with actually recommended Dr. Noy. He had knee surgery in 2016 and he’s the one that told me to get a second opinion and see Dr. Noy. And he looked at the MRI, he did an evaluation of my knees and he said basically if … He recommended a program where I can strengthen the muscles around the knees and also he also did stem cells. He recommended that as well.

I used to wake up in the morning and the pain was like so severe I couldn’t even walk to the bathroom without feeling pain. So within like a month or so the pain was like gone. So now I’m walking like fifteen thousand steps a day sometimes 20. I work out, I do the elliptical, I do weights, leg exercises and no issues at all. With my elbow, from the boxing over the years, I developed like some torn tendons, you know. The pain was getting worse and worse and on April 10th I had the surgery on my right elbow, which Doctor Noy did where he removed the torn tendons. It’s now May 18 and it feels perfect, you know, no issues.

The people they’re very friendly, they helped me through everything, you know, like with my insurance, they explained the process. Doctor Noy, he’ll speak the truth, he is very honest. Not like some doctors be like, “Oh, we have to operate. There’s nothing we can do, blah blah blah.” He’s not all about, you know, performing surgery so he’s all about let’s see what works first and that’s the thing, if you want to get a second, third opinion, Doctor Noy is the doctor because he’s very honest. He’ll tell you the honest truth. And I would recommend that you know, to all patients, don’t take the first doctor’s opinion. You know, always see a second, always get a second, third opinion if you can.