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5.0 In Office

Review from Ari Z.

Source: In Office | Jul 16, 2018

I was in a lot of pain prior to the surgery. The healing process itself was painful for the first few days, and then just a bit uncomfortable from the stiffness of keeping my leg straight. But Tom and Dr. Noy were there for me every step of the way and were super helpful. My knee is definitely feeling better now.
5.0 Google

Review from Leah O.

Source: Google | Jul 12, 2018

What a Lovely experience, I am usually a nervous wreck at any doctor's office, but the staff was quite welcoming. Doctor Noy is very knowledgeable in his field of work. He diagnosed my knee issue promptly and assured me I'd be okay. He explains everything to you and you don't seem lost or rushed like other doctors I've experienced. A very pleasant and comforting atmosphere. A must go to doctor's Office!! If there were an option For 10 stars This place would surely make the requirements. THANK YOU DR.NOY AND STAFF!!!
5.0 Yelp

Review from Marielena R.

Source: Yelp | Jul 9, 2018

Dr. Noy and his staff are very professional and caring. They take time to explain everything and make you feel very comfortable. I had a torn meniscus and the surgery was seamless. I had no pain or swelling.  I highly recommend Dr. Noy. He's amazing!
5.0 In Office

Review from Lenny F.

Source: In Office | Jul 3, 2018

I'm Lenny Ferrara, I live in Queens. I had a couple of injuries with my knees and my elbow and I used to run a lot, I used to lift weights and do boxing training, all kinds of physical exercises. So basically with my knees, I had a meniscus missing cartilage and I believe arthritis as well. The arthritis on the left knee was more severe than the one on the right knee so when I saw my first doctor, I saw an orthopedic in Astoria, he had mentioned that I needed a partial knee replacement on one knee. I'm like, "No way. I'm 48 years old. I don't want a knee repair. I think I'm too young for that." Someone that I worked with actually recommended Dr. Noy. He had knee surgery in 2016 and he's the one that told me to get a second opinion and see Dr. Noy. And he looked at the MRI, he did an evaluation of my knees and he said basically if ... He recommended a program where I can strengthen the muscles around the knees and also he also did stem cells. He recommended that as well. I used to wake up in the morning and the pain was like so severe I couldn't even walk to the bathroom without feeling pain. So within like a month or so the pain was like gone. So now I'm walking like fifteen thousand steps a day sometimes 20. I work out, I do the elliptical, I do weights, leg exercises and no issues at all. With my elbow, from the boxing over the years, I developed like some torn tendons, you know. The pain was getting worse and worse and on April 10th I had the surgery on my right elbow, which Doctor Noy did where he removed the torn tendons. It's now May 18 and it feels perfect, you know, no issues. The people they're very friendly, they helped me through everything, you know, like with my insurance, they explained the process. Doctor Noy, he'll speak the truth, he is very honest. Not like some doctors be like, "Oh, we have to operate. There's nothing we can do, blah blah blah." He's not all about, you know, performing surgery so he's all about let's see what works first and that's the thing, if you want to get a second, third opinion, Doctor Noy is the doctor because he's very honest. He'll tell you the honest truth. And I would recommend that, you know, to all patients, don't take the first doctor's opinion. You know, always see a second, always get a second, third opinion if you can.
5.0 In Office

Review from Jim G.

Source: In Office | Jun 26, 2018

My name is Jim Giangrasso, I'm 55-year-old. I had a meniscectomy. I have been running for about 10 or 12 years recreationally. I have also been cycling. I have always had knee pain and, you know, I've sort of ignored it and dealt with it in other ways. This year when I started to train for triathlon season for this summer, I just knew I wasn't gonna be able to get through the training it just had become too painful. So, it was sort of a gradual buildup over probably a decade. So, I had googled best knee doctor in New York City. After looking at probably about five different doctors, I thought Dr. Noy just looked very impressive. It seemed he have a very impressive list of clientele, a lot of professional athletes and even though I'm a recreational athlete, I knew that he would be able to handle me. Right off the bat, I knew I was in the right place. They are extremely welcoming. Made me feel at home. It didn't make me feel like I needed to be a professional athlete to be there even though I knew Dr. Noy had a great reputation. You know, originally I went in for just a cleanup of the meniscus and when Dr. Noy was in there, he saw a few other things he wanted to take care of and he just did it on the fly. As luck would have it, I actually hit the...won the lottery for the New York City Marathon this November. I had told Dr. Noy going into the surgery that here's my goal, I'd love to have, you know, knee surgery and run a marathon in the same year. I thought he was gonna laugh at me, but he actually shrugged it off and said, "Well I'm glad you told me that and I think that's, you know, totally doable." But it was actually quite relaxed, you know, I had the surgery at his surgical center which is incredibly clean, first off...right off the bat, cleaner than any hospital I think. There's a nursing staff that takes care of you all the way up to the surgery and, you know, who does all the pre-surgery work. Surgery was on a Friday. He said by Tuesday you're gonna wonder why I asked you to stay home all week, and he was right. So, I think by Tuesday or Wednesday, I felt pretty good. It was nice to not have had to take any painkillers. The second weekend after the surgery I was up and around and went to the mall with my wife and felt pretty good walking. A lot of times in medical care you don't get a good feeling in terms of client service these days, but that's totally the opposite with Dr. Noy's office. I think that's the thing that really would lead me to recommend him to anyone. I'm planning on doing a 20-week marathon training and if I do it I'm gonna definitely send Dr. Noy a picture of me crossing the finish line.
5.0 In Office

Review from Vera P.

Source: In Office | Jun 19, 2018

My name is Vera Pascal. I have a very active lifestyle. I had tennis elbow, I had a pretty bad case of it, so I've done a few injections, cortisone injections. It made me feel good first. But, they were often a few months later the pain was back. I went to see Dr. Noy, I was then recommended to a specialist for elbow. So I went to see him, and one of the first things they said to me if you wanna be better, and if you wanna never have this problem, you have to stop doing this exercise. It's not good for you. Well, they immediately basically told me don't do what you love to do. So I had to go back to Dr. Noy and I told him I can't be treated by the doctor, he said no problem. We will do the surgery, and you'll be back in the game, and you'll be doing what you love to do. First, I was very scared of it because I know the recovery from the surgery is very long, usually months. As Dr. Noy explained to me this procedure is the least invasive because the cut is very small, normally surgery would damage the good tissue, a little bit of the good tissue as well. However, I think that's one of the reasons why you heal so much faster is because it's not as invasive. So you don't have any scars and surgery took probably about two hours, maybe a little bit less, and I was able to go home the same day. After six to eight weeks post surgery, I was absolutely back to normal which I thought was magical. I feel like nothing ever happened. I work out extremely hard, I mean I can do hundreds of push-ups, I don't feel any pain. Dr. Noy is one of the best doctors I've ever met not only because he can diagnose you without doing an MRI, so he uses MRI just to sort of prove what he knows, he's not the kind of doctor who rushes to operate like he always wants to find alternative if he thinks they will work. But ultimately, his main goal is to get you back in the game. Whatever it takes, and whatever is best for you. So when he told me that surgery is probably the best thing for me, it turned out to be the best thing for me. And I wish I listened to him sooner and didn't do the cortisone shots and wasted months. Dealing with Dr. Noy's office is always a joy from the very beginning, from when you make an appointment. You know, he has an unbelievably friendly staff, and they don't tell you to stop doing what you're doing unless obviously, it's dangerous for you. But, they actually work with your lifestyle, they understand that you're gonna do what you love to do. I only recommend Dr. Noy.
5.0 In Office

Review from Massimo

Source: In Office | Jun 19, 2018

My name is Massimo. I got injured about nine months ago playing basketball. And actually, I have a history here because I got the same on my right knee 12 years ago. So after the injury, obviously, I immediately understood that it was the ACL. So I started to ask friends, colleagues at work. I was advised about Dr. Noy. First appointment with Dr. Noy, I think it was a very good experience. He just spent, I think, almost one hour explaining all the story about the ACL, and what to do, and what to expect after surgery. I had the time to really go through all this information, and finally, I decided to get the surgery. So I had my surgery on the 9th of February, so it's now just a bit more than one month. I got home the night of the surgery, and I already knew what to do. And my family also helped me, of course, follow the instructions, but it was really, really smooth. First week, it's a lot of very easygoing exercises, a lot of resting. I was able to stay connected for work, to have some calls, to follow emails. The pain level is never so bad, so I'm already started physical therapy. I have a pretty good sensation in terms of how that is progressing from my first surgery to this second one. It was quicker, it was less invasive. For me, there was no doubt that surgery was the right thing to do, but that is not necessarily the same for everyone. Good planning is fundamental. It's very important to get it right. The good thing is that it's never something that you need to do on an urgency, you can plan that. So you can get yourself organized at work and take your time. With the current level of technology, I think it's really worthwhile to do it or, at least, to consider it. You, basically, have a fully performing knee and that allows you to do whatever you want, all the sports, and get back on track in just a few months. My experience with Dr. Noy was really positive. He's really informative. And he shows you every step that you're gonna fix. So I definitely would recommend him.
5.0 Google

Review from Abena M.

Source: Google | Jun 8, 2018

Amazing doctors and nurses! They took great care of my mother!
5.0 Google

Review from Evangeline D.

Source: Google | May 18, 2018

I love dr noy and truly trust him the good thing is that he has a mri machine and x-ray machine and that you don't have to go to a MRI center waiting for a long time he looked at my right knee and did an MRI and x-ray and said that he was sure that i had at the time a right knee torn meniscus which so happens that my mom has as well she did the arthroscopic surgery with dr noy and I did physical therapy sessions and physical therapy sessions have helped me a lot.
5.0 In Office

Review from Rina M.

Source: In Office | May 17, 2018

Dr. Noy took me as soon as possible, the procedure went very smoothly and i had no pain thereafter. I took no pain medication and kept my knee on ice constantly. I look forward to using my knee again without any athletic issues.