ACL Surgery Video Transcription

My name is Massimo. I got injured about nine months ago playing basketball. And actually, I have a history here because I got the same on my right knee 12 years ago. So after the injury, obviously, I immediately understood that it was the ACL. So I started to ask friends, colleagues at work. I was advised about Dr. Noy.

First appointment with Dr. Noy, I think it was a very good experience. He just spent, I think, almost one hour explaining all the story about the ACL, and what to do, and what to expect after surgery. I had the time to really go through all this information, and finally, I decided to get the surgery. So I had my surgery on the 9th of February, so it’s now just a bit more than one month. I got home the night of the surgery, and I already knew what to do. And my family also helped me, of course, follow the instructions, but it was really, really smooth.

First week, it’s a lot of very easygoing exercises, a lot of resting. I was able to stay connected for work, to have some calls, to follow emails. The pain level is never so bad, so I’m already started physical therapy. I have a pretty good sensation in terms of how that is progressing from my first surgery to this second one. It was quicker, it was less invasive.

For me, there was no doubt that surgery was the right thing to do, but that is not necessarily the same for everyone. Good planning is fundamental. It’s very important to get it right. The good thing is that it’s never something that you need to do on an urgency, you can plan that. So you can get yourself organized at work and take your time.

With the current level of technology, I think it’s really worthwhile to do it or, at least, to consider it. You, basically, have a fully performing knee and that allows you to do whatever you want, all the sports, and get back on track in just a few months.

My experience with Dr. Noy was really positive. He’s really informative. And he shows you every step that you’re gonna fix. So I definitely would recommend him.